Matched betting software brings new context to bookmaker ads


Bookmaker adverts proliferate on football and sports new sites and matched betting software is increasingly used to convert betting offers into risk free cash.

Sports fans, and football fans especially, are targeted by bookmakers because they know a significant percentage enjoy a flutter when watching sports. For many, the match day experience is livened up with the prospect of making some money on the result.

However, sports enthusiasts are taking note of the matched betting phenomenon which guarantees making a profit from bookmaker sign up offers and other betting promotions. Matched betting software lies at the heart of subscription websites which are helping their members make £500+ profit every month for spending around an hour a day doing offers.

Gambling on sport has long been seen as an entertainment for the casual punter but, with the rising cost of ticket prices and expensive subscriptions for televised sports packages, betting offers are now seen as means to fund season tickets, attendance of major events, away days and overseas tours.

Matched betting came about with the advent of betting exchanges around the turn of the century.  Online bookmakers have always competed aggressively to attract customers to their websites and offer generous welcome deals such as bet £50 and get a £50 free bet.  Betting exchanges allow the ordinary man to play the part of bookmaker, and ‘lay’ selections to lose. A few clever chaps realised they could place a bet with the bookmaker and back it to lose at the same odds on the exchange to earn free bets for nothing. By applying a formula, they backed against their free bets with lay stakes that guaranteed the same profit regardless of the result.

The early pioneers of matched betting spent hours trawling the internet to find offers and compare bookmaker prices with those on betting exchanges for suitable ‘odds matches’.  It was a laborious process and only a matter of time before the development of software to speed up the process. Scraping tools, like arbitrage software began to appear which could be used to find the best bets to place and web-based matched betting calculators worked out the ideal stakes.

Guaranteed profit adverts

Guaranteed profit adverts

Matched betting was becoming a worthwhile endeavor and websites began appearing offering advice and strategies to exploit all manner of betting promotions for profit. A search on google will quickly find matched bettors claiming to make as much as £2000 per month and because HMRC regards it as gambling, all money made from matched betting is tax free.

Video tutorials and step by step guides are available, making it easy to learn matched betting without any previous experience of placing bets or using betting exchanges. New software has been introduced to make it easy to exploit complex offers such as Acca Insurance, to automatically track the various free bets until the offers are finished and to keep a record of profits. It has opened the door for students, stay at home parents, carers and retired people to earn some extra cash for special occasions and as a boost to the regular household income.

Many people who take up matched betting have never placed bets before and probably never previously considered the value of the free bet promotions popping up on websites and more recently, TV adverts before the start of big sporting events. Sports fans may start thinking differently about betting offers too. Welcome offers have not always been a big enough attraction to make the casual punter change allegiance to another bookmaker but the profits to be made from matched betting should be enough to make them think again.

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