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Soccer fan watching a game in the United States

How to Bet on European Football if You Live in North Carolina

Living in North Carolina but captivated by European football? You’re not alone, and you’re not out of options when it comes to betting. Changing laws and online platforms are making it increasingly straightforward t...
Premier League football

Expectations for the Premiership 2023/24 Season

In the world of football, anticipation and excitement often reach a fever pitch as the new season approaches. Fans eagerly await the kick-off, wondering how their favourite teams will perform and what surprises lie in store. Th...

UNC Soccer stadium

The Impact of UNC on Football in the US

When one looks at the beautiful game outside in the US, one cannot help but recognize the significant influence the University of North Carolina (UNC) has had on the sport. The journey we are about to embark upon together uncov...

Japan players lined up for national anthem

What to expect from Japan this World Cup?

In addition to being the team’s eighth straight appearance at the World Cup, Japan’s best World Cup performance has been reaching the Round of 16 three different times. They will be hoping to shock soccer fans aroun...

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 wallpaper

Analysis of World cup teams: Group G

Moving on to Group G, which consists of Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon. This is a group which consists of fascinating teams and players as well as two potential options who could have the best odds for the world cup t...
Sports bar TV screens

Football bar in Basel

Traveling is the best way to open new places, discover unfamiliar cultures by getting familiar with customs, traditions, cuisine, drinks. In 2022 travelers can discover Irish national drinks & dishes without visiting Irelan...

BetBlazers sports betting made easy

Sports Betting 101 – Five tips to build your winning edge

Sports Betting 101 is a new sports betting guide designed to help beginners who are interested in sports betting get off to a winning start.  This brand new Sports Betting 101 guide covers the very basics of sports betting...
Man United led by Ronaldo

Can United go far in the Champions League?

We’re roughly 3 weeks away from the Champions League knockout stages and just like in any other previous edition, there are certain clubs who are clearly listed as favorites while others will have to settle with playing t...

Materazzi and Rui Costa in Inter vs AC Milan

Get the expert tips for football bets

One of the most wide-spread misinformation about betting is that it is solely about luck. Contrary to that popular opinion, winning consistently in betting takes more than just luck. To boost your chances of winning, you have t...

Megan Rapinoe US women soccer

How to bet on women’s soccer

In recent times, women’s soccer has started to grow enormously in many parts of the world. The level of the teams and players has been rising and this has resulted in greater support from the media and also from sponsors....


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