The biggest football stars set to miss the 2014 FIFA World Cup


The tournament every sports enthusiast is striving for this year will kick off in about 20 days from now. The 2014 FIFA World Cup will take place in Brazil and rest assured that most of the important national teams and football stars will make it to the party. However, there are always those whom, for one reason or another, end up missing what might be for many a lifetime’s opportunity.

  • Let’s start by bringing up the name of a renowned goalkeeper. Chelsea FC’s Petr Cech won’t be going to Brazil this summer (not as a player in duty at least), since his home nation, the Czech Republic, failed to qualify for the final stage of the tournament.
  • Bayern Munich’s David Alaba will also have to watch the World Cup from home, since Austria failed to complete their group stages campaign on a top position.
  • One of the most talented players in Italy is Marek Hamsik. The Slovakian failed to lead his nation to Brazil and being realistic, he’ll simply have to settle with football clubs’ competitions when it comes to dream about have any chances of winning some silverware.
  • Real Madrid have been rotating goalkeepers throughout the entire season. However, Diego López wasn’t called for the Spanish team even though he did play most of the games for Real Madrid during the year. On the other hand, Iker Casillas is expected to be the main goalie in the Spanish “Armada”.
  • Probably the biggest surprise of all in Felipe Scolari’s 23-men list was the absence of Lucas Moura. The PSG midfielder was brought to the French club on a 40-million euros transfer fee and even though he had some good performances this season, it didn’t seem to be enough to convince the “Sargentão” to include him in Brazil’s squad for the World Cup.
  • If there’s one nation who had more than enough talent to be in Brazil, but that for some reason didn’t manage to qualify, that nation has to be Turkey. For that reason, Atletico Madrid’s magician, Arda Turan, will also be deprived from the Brazilian sunny weather this summer, after having completed a terrific season for the Colchoneros under Diego Simeone’s orders.
  • Argentina are currently ranked as the 2nd most favorite side to lift the World Cup trophy in July 13. However, they’ll have accomplish doing that without one of the best strikers in the game these days, Carlos Tevez. The Juventus forward might have made a few high profile enemies inside the Argentinian National Team and that ended up costing him a World Cup presence.
  • The World’s costliest player, Gareth Bale, didn’t stand a chance to earn a ticket to Brazil either. Wales is not exactly a powerhouse in the international football scene and the Real Madrid forward is probably aware that he’ll never be able to make it to a big tournament while representing his country.
  • Ronaldinho has left the European stages for a while now, but his magic can still be seen in Brazilian soil, whenever he puts the Atletico Mineiro jersey. However, Scolari didn’t find room for him in the Brazilian National Team and that’s necessarily bad news for any football fan.
  • Most likely one of the most controversial managerial decisions over these last days came from the French National manager coach, Didier Deschamps. The former Juventus player left Manchester City’s star Samir Nasri out of his list and it didn’t take long for several strong reactions to come to the surface. Let’s just say that Nasri’s girlfriend led the protests with a couple suggestive tweets…
  • Sweden and Portugal collided in one of the most competitive World Cup playoffs this year. That meant that either Cristiano Ronaldo or Zlatan Ibrahimovic had to wave goodbye to Brazil. Following a spectacular 1-man showdown by the Real Madrid forward who scored a hat-trick in the 2nd leg, Ibrahimovic quite simply failed to do better for Sweden and now he’ll probably enjoy his vacations away from South America.
  • Poland has failed to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup but they sure can’t blame the Borussia Dortmund’s forward Robert Lewandowski. The Polish striker can compensate this misfortune with his move to Bayern Munich though, as he’ll be playing for the German champions right next season.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic hand shake

Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic hand shake