Win or lose I will be one of the greatest, says Mourinho


In a recent statement made by current Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, he said, “I am one of the greatest managers in the world” whether or not United wins the Premier League. This season the team has had their worst start in 25 years with only a single win out of their first three games.

In Defense of Himself

In an extraordinary attempt to deflect criticism and defend himself, Mourinho quoted a German philosopher and then went on to say he is “the only manager to win in Italy, Spain, and England.” At the same time, he referred to the team’s second place finish last year to be, ” one of his greatest achievements.” Mourinho says that he is the manager of one of the finest football clubs in the world and reiterated his belief that he is one of the world’s greatest managers. Manchester United have won the English top flight no less than 20 times, which includes 13 Premier League titles. When questioned about his abilities as a manager and if he thought he would still be great if United failed to win the title under his command, the answer was, “Of course” before going on to quote Hegel (a renowned German philosopher).

José Mourinho - Manchester United wallpaper

José Mourinho – Manchester United wallpaper

Unable to Handle Criticism

It seems as though Mourinho has a hard time dealing with criticism. For example, during the post-game interview after United 3-0 home loss to the Spurs, the worst home-defeat in his career, he demanded that the press show him “respect.”  Yet, he had no problem pointing out others’ faults, including the fact that while he was at Chelsea, the team earned three Premier League titles and that this was more than all the other managers in the division. It is his firm belief that no one seems to pay any attention when his team is winning, but have no problem jumping up and down when things aren’t going so well. Keep in mind, United (under his helm) is the last English team to win the Europa League. As a manager, Mourinho has won a total of eight titles, yet he still says the second-place position with United last year is one of his best seasons ever.

Talking to Pep Guardiola

In an interview with Manchester City’s manager Pep Guardiola, a question regarding the amount of pressure Mourinho is under to perform comes as a surprise. Guardiola had this to say, “It’s our job, unfortunately. Our job depends on results. When we win we are good; when we don’t we are not good – it is simple like that.” For more details keep an eye on the latest football betting news on 188Bet’s blog. From who’s in charge, to injury reports, the latest trades, rumors, and anything else in the world of soccer that can affect the way you place your bets, stay tuned to this page. We work hard to bring you the latest news and information, keeping you in the loop, and helping you to make the right decisions throughout the season.


José Mourinho fashion and style

José Mourinho fashion and style