First-time better? Here’s what you should be looking into


In the second quarter of 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States lifted a several years old ban on sports betting. This has breathed life into an industry that is not only vibrant and entertaining but also very much profitable. The current state of the the nation’s betting industry, however, is difficult to ascertain because each state has their own set of regulations that might differ drastically from others.

Because of that, more and more Americans are persuaded to try their luck. If you are one of them, and you happen to choose football as your gambling arena, there are a few things that you should be mindful of before you place your first bet. Read on to know what these things are.

Know football, at least hypothetically.

First things first, there are two major types of footballs. One is American Football, which is pretty much represented by the NFL. The other, arguably the more popular one, is European Football. This is the one proudly represented by FIFA, Serie A, Premier League, and other similar organizations.

Before you start betting, you should at least understand how the game works. How is a game won? How can a player enhance a team’s chances of winning? What skills should they possess? These are just some of the questions that you should be asking.

Sometimes, you also have to consider more player psychology than their actual playing skills. Even the best of players will not stand a chance when they are distracted. Scan the news and be wary of teams that have highly controversial players in them. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of such players. He has been hounded with sexual assault suits since late 2017.

Online betting on mobile devices

Online betting on mobile devices

Be sure of the type of betting game that you play.

Many first timers think that betting is just as simple as putting money on the team that is thought to have better chances of winning. When the team wins, the better also wins, and their prize is the losing bettor’s money.

Well, that’s just one type, and it is perhaps the most common one. But there is also a betting game that relies so much on point spreads. In the NFL point spreads, for example, winning does not really depend on which team wins or loses in the actual game; it depends on whether which team stays within the winning and losing leeway.

A winner must exceed the leeway to actually bring victory to their bettors. The losing team must remain within the leeway so that those who placed their money on them are declared winners of the bet. The same principle is applied in the Serie A point spreads and other similar calculations.

To further illustrate, suppose A and B are about to face each other in an important match. A is a significantly stronger team. If we just play traditionally, all bets will probably go to A, and that’s boring. To even out the playing field, a point spread is established. For instance, A has a point spread of +15, this means that for the bet to actually win, A’s winning margin against B should exceed 15. If the match ended at 25-20 in favor of A, the team wins but the bettors do not because the winning margin does not really go beyond the point spread or what we referred to earlier as the winning or losing leeway.

Of course, a bet inherently brings with it a good level of risk. Just because you did your homework doesn’t really mean that your win is certain. Betting is still in many ways a game of chance, and that’s the most exciting part about it.

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Betting tips in football

Betting tips in football