5 reasons why the Premier League is still better than all others


When it comes to domestic leagues, the English Premier League has quite simply been on a different level than all the rest. Well, at least that’s the case in the past decade or two…

We all remember the 90’s and even the early 00’s, when both the Serie A and the Spanish League clearly had the best players in the world and were easily the leagues everyone wanted to be part of. However, that’s precisely when things began to change and in what was always a slow and planned process, the Premier League started turning into a highly lucrative business and eventually grabbed everyone’s attention, including in Norway where TV2 has bought the exclusivity for the league’s TV rights. In the 2017-18 season for example, Premier League clubs made record revenues around 4.8 billion pounds! It’s hard to imagine anyone being capable of earning even 1% of that money, unless they search for a casino guide and gamble all they have on some typical game of luck…

//1. Cultural advantages

Football was born in England, more than 150 years ago, back in 1863. They have a particular way of living the game and they’re one of the few countries in Europe where we can actually see most of the locals supporting their own local team instead of going the easy road and simply become fans of one of the big teams in the country. This allows clubs to get better attendances and by doing so, for everyone involved to also generate more money on the long-term.

Premier League football
Premier League football

//2. TV Deals

Unlike most of the European leagues, the Premier League has already reached a level where they attract interest from every single country around the world. There’s no other league in the world striking better deals than the Premier League right now and that only happens because they have a product that sells and they know how to keep their value high year after year.

//3. Competitiveness

Over the last 7 years, there were 4 different champions in the Premier League. Manchester United, Chelsea, Leicester City and Manchester City have all won the title recently, and teams like Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham are usually strong contenders who also aspire to get their hands on some silverware. Last season for example, Liverpool were second in the league and they finished only 1 point behind champions Manchester City. This year, with only 5 games played so far, the Reds are already on the driving seat with a 5-point advantage over Pep Guardiola’s Man City.

//4. Kick-off times

It’s common to see European leagues having their games starting at local 7, 8 or 9 PM, may that be on weekends or even weekdays. The Spanish League does it, just like the Serie A and several other 2nd tier leagues in Europe. In England, however, things are done differently, especially on weekends. On Saturdays, they have game slots for 12:30, 15:00 and 17:30, which not only is better for families to be able to attend the game, but also to open markets on other regions like Asia.

//5. Intensity

If there’s anything where the Premier League really excels at, that’s in intensity brought in to every game. It doesn’t matter if it’s first against second, or simply the last two teams on the table playing each other, you should always hold your breath for what’s coming and expect players to give it all on the pitch. It’s also a league where anyone can beat anyone and that’s something fans enjoy and value a lot…

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Premier League rebranding
Premier League rebranding