Why are online bookies the perfect choice for placing football bets


It goes without saying that online sportsbooks are becoming the new face of the betting industry. Their popularity spiked in the past couple of years. Many experts believe that they will overpower the land-based bookmakers and become the market leaders in this field.

To be honest, online sportsbooks have many great features and hold numerous advantages over the land-based bookmakers, which is exactly the topic that we wanted to touch on in this article. We are going to detail some of those advantages – the elaboration will help you understand why online bookmakers are so popular and why are they the perfect choice for placing football bets (and any other sport, for that matter). Let’s check them out.

A football pitch level photo
A football pitch level photo

Numerous Payment Methods

First of all, online sportsbooks operate globally. That means that they have to meet many requirements, considering the fact that they offer their services to millions of people living in different countries, which have different rules when it comes to transactions. That is why online bookies have numerous payment methods.

Players can choose between credit and debit cards, bank transfers, Klarna, Skrill, and even cryptocurrencies. One of the most commonly used payment methods is PayPal, which is why almost every online bookie lists it as an accepted method. Not only is PayPal used in the online betting area, but it is also used in other wagering sites, such as online casinos. Because many betting fans are also fans of wagering their money on various casino games, they might be searching of online casinos that accept PayPal as well, and Spinsify will provide you with a list of the best ones.

All deposits with these methods are instant. And as far as the withdrawals, they go to a certain process of verification to make sure that the money ends up at the right person.

More Betting Options and Better Odds

One of the greatest advantages that online bookies have is the number of betting options. Not only do they have more choices for each sport when it comes to placing a bet, but online bookies feature more sports to bet on, as well. The odds are much better than the ones of land-based sportsbooks. No doubt, online casinos, and bookies with football slots are much better than land-based casinos with their sportsbooks. And the best part is that the payout percentage of online bookies is far greater than the one of their land-based partners.

Easy Access

Finally, betting is all about being efficient, especially when it comes to betting on football. Instead of waiting in line, you can access online bookies with just a few clicks. All online bookmakers are fully optimized for mobile use, with some even having their apps. That means that you can access them from any desktop and mobile device. Easy access and placing bets on time is also a great advantage for online bookies and that advantage is used the most on live betting. We all know that when it comes to live bets, each second counts, and placing bets through online bookmakers will save you a lot of time.

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Sports betting apps
Sports betting apps