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The Football League Founders document

Who Were The Founders of The Football League & Where Are They Now?

With the ridiculous Super League idea quickly rubbished by fans and the majority of the footballing community. We look at English football’s very own mini Super League, the clubs who formed the football league all the way back ...
José Mourinho hand shake to Diego Costa in a Chelsea game

Chelsea and Spain relations hit new low

Just when it seemed as though the prickly relationship between José Mourinho and Vicente del Bosque was improving, a new club versus country row is threatening to bring matters to a head. The Chelsea manager had been furious wi...

Steven Gerrard wearing England's armband

Steven Gerrard retires from the England National Team

After 14 years playing at the highest level for the English National Team, Steven Gerrard has announced earlier this week that he has decided to retire from international football and dedicate his last fooballer’s years t...

Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez in Uruguay National Team

Cavani: “The return of Suarez will make us stronger”

Uruguay and England are about to lock horns in São Paulo this Thursday evening, in a game where neither side can afford to lose. The two teams got defeated in their opening rounds just a few days ago and second straight loss wo...

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