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Winter January best football signings ever

Winter transfer window – 10 of the best signings ever

It’s widely regarded by many as the worst time of the year to sign any player, since most of the football clubs do plan their seasons during summer and throughout the off-season transfer window (from June to August). Howe...
Top 10 goalkeepers in the World

Top 10 goalkeepers in world football

There is little doubt the level of goalkeeping in world football is at an all-time high. Last summer’s World Cup highlighted just how many quality goalkeepers are currently in today’s game, with the likes of Manuel ...

The most popular athletes in the World, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lebron James, Lionel Messi

The 10 most popular athletes in the World in 2014

According to a study published earlier this week by a Swedish company called Cision, Real Madrid‘s star player Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular athlete in the world. In his way to the top of the podium, the Portugues...

Arjen Robben sprint run vs Sergio Ramos, in Spain vs Netherlands at the FIFA World Cup 2014

The 10 fastest players in the World, according to FIFA

Did you ever wondered about who are the fastest football players in the World and how fast can a footballer really run? With the World Cup taking place in Brazil this summer, FIFA has decided to recently update their ranking li...

Hakan Sukur fastest goal ever in the FIFA World Cup history

Top 10 – The fastest goals in the World Cup history

It’s called the “beautiful game” by many sports enthusiasts out there, but strictly judging from the numbers we’ll be showing you in a few moments, it could very well also be called the “quickest g...

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