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Lionel Messi new haircut and hairstyle in 2014-2015

Lionel Messi’s new haircut and style for 2014-2015

Earlier this Tuesday,Lionel Messi has finally made his return to training with FC Barcelona coming off his extended vacation and following Argentina‘s long campaign in this summer’s 2014 FIFA World Cup. The “A...
Pepe new haircut in 2014

Pepe shows off his new haircut and look for 2014-15

He only recently made his return to the pre-season works, but if there’s one thing that didn’t happen was for his presence to go unnoticed. We’re obviously talking about Pepe and the new haircut and style he d...

Fellaini new haircut and look for 2014-2015

Fellaini finally cut his hair off!

Marouane Fellaini decided to go with a new look this summer, as he finally got rid of his classic “afro” hairstyle by cutting his hair short. The 26-year old has been with the Belgium National Team in Brazil for the...

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