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Sports bar TV screens

Football bar in Basel

Traveling is the best way to open new places, discover unfamiliar cultures by getting familiar with customs, traditions, cuisine, drinks. In 2022 travelers can discover Irish national drinks & dishes without visiting Irelan...
BetBlazers sports betting made easy

Sports Betting 101 – Five tips to build your winning edge

Sports Betting 101 is a new sports betting guide designed to help beginners who are interested in sports betting get off to a winning start.  This brand new Sports Betting 101 guide covers the very basics of sports betting...

Football betting from home

Football betting: The basics

Football betting is a great way to improve the football experience as well as make some money along the way. Some people play as pros whilst most actually play for fun as football enthusiasts. There is a special feeling in bett...

Bet365 shirt sponsorship with Stoke City

Sports teams involved with online gaming sponsors

The sports teams involved with online gaming sponsors have truly managed to create a trend. At this point, if sports teams are being sponsored by online gaming companies, they’re doing something that has become standard f...

Johan Cruyff as Barcelona captain

Johan Cruyff best quotes

This Thursday was a very sad day for football, as one of this sport’s greatest players ever has passed away at the age of 68. Johan Cruyff, one of the fathers of “Total Football” died of a lung cancer on March...
Cristiano Ronaldo disguised with a wig and a moustache in Madrid streets

Cristiano Ronaldo disguises as a homeless to surprise a fan

This past Thursday, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to surprise a young fan in the streets of Madrid, more particularly at the Plaza de Callao. The Portuguese star has gone through some makeover in order to disguise himself as a home...

Cristiano Ronaldo holding the 2014 FIFA Ballon d'Or trophy

Cristiano Ronaldo wins the 2014 FIFA Ballon d’Or

It was without much surprise that the big winner of the 2014 FIFA Ballon d’Or ceremony was Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese and Real Madrid striker finished ahead of his two direct competitors Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)...
The Barclays Premier League wallpaper 2014-2015

The 10 highest salaries in the Barclays Premier League, in 2014-2015

A few weeks after the transfer window closed in pretty much every European football league, it’s interesting to note who is now earning the highest salaries in the most competitive league of all, the Barclays English Prem...

FIFA 15 box covers all platforms

The top 50 players in FIFA 15

EA Sports is about to release the new FIFA 15 for multiple platforms and consoles later this month, but before the fans get their hands to the full version of this classic game, the company decided to stir up the interest even ...

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