Football bar in Basel


Traveling is the best way to open new places, discover unfamiliar cultures by getting familiar with customs, traditions, cuisine, drinks. In 2022 travelers can discover Irish national drinks & dishes without visiting Ireland. In addition to the possibility to enjoy a favorite team match, Auld Dubliner’s visitors explore unique design features and menus.

Watch football in Basel

Football bar Auld Dubliner attracts fans from all over Basel. Located in the city’s downtown, it’s a perfect place to visit after long working hours and watch your favorite football team playing. Football fans visit the 2nd floor of the building where they can immerse in this nervous competition atmosphere. This space is full of fans when serious football events take place. Join them, and you won’t forget this experience.

The hall, where football matches are broadcasted, has 27 TV sets. This feature makes the hall a convenient place for watching more sports events. Fans gather in Auld Dubliner to support their favourite rugby teams. Somebody enjoys watching F-1 racing. Others visit Auld Dubliner to watch boxing events. All this is accompanied by the tastiest beer in Basel!

Switzerland fans watching football in a bar
Switzerland fans watching football in a bar

Authenticity Enhances the Atmosphere

People visit football bars like Auld Dubliner on special occasions when important football events take place. However, Auld Dubliner isn’t just a casual bar, it’s an authentic Irish pub where every trifle makes you feel this Celtic atmosphere? What’s so special about the authenticity of Irish pubs?

Foremost, visitors like Auld Dubliner’s interior design. Mel McNally, the man responsible for designing, is one the most highly-recognized specialists in the world. Without his involvement, over 100 Irish facilities wouldn’t have been so Irish! The specialist managed to find unique design solutions, combining centuries-long Irish traditions with the characteristics of modern cultural facilities.

Interior design is visual, and what about the audial perception of Irish culture? Auld Dubliner’s management took care of this aspect. All-day long visitors hear music compositions created by legendary bands and singers. Drinking beer when listening to U-2 always feels special!

Irish Menu

Things you hear and see when being present in Auld Dubliner are worthy, but they just accompany the authentic Irish menu of this facility. Taste 14 various beer variations enjoy wines, whiskey species, gins, and rums, get familiar with the real Guinness stout created in Arthur’s brewery, and enjoy football matches!


Football fans enjoying sports in a bar
Football fans enjoying sports in a bar