Sports Betting 101 – Five tips to build your winning edge


Sports Betting 101 is a new sports betting guide designed to help beginners who are interested in sports betting get off to a winning start. 

This brand new Sports Betting 101 guide covers the very basics of sports betting. It works for any sport, anywhere in the world.

For a complete sports betting guide visit the Sports Betting 101 at In the meantime, here are a few quick pointers to get you off on the right track.

1. Stick with what you know best

Whether it’s a particular sport, league or team, it’s always a smart move to stick with what you know best. 

That doesn’t mean to say that you can’t branch out into something new, but if there’s money on the line it’s always good to have a strong base of knowledge going forward.

2. Use stats and do your research

That leads us to our next top tip to help build your winning edge in sports betting. 

If you’re a seasoned expert in a particular sport or you’re just getting into something new then proper research is an absolute must.

It’s always good to get the facts right and that’s why we recommend looking at key statistics before you place a bet on a game. Even if you think you already have a good knowledge, consulting stats beforehand can help you see patterns you might have overlooked. 

Many betting sites will now offer in-house statistics to help better inform your betting. In some cases, you can even visit the official website of a league or tournament such as stats offered by

3. Keep track of your past bets

Online bookmakers or betting sites will often give you a chance to see current or recent bets which is great in the short term. 

But if you really want to find your winning edge it’s time to start organizing your betting so you can spot patterns – whether they are good or bad. 

Keeping track of your bets every week in a spreadsheet or in some other form that works well for you will help you pick out these patterns and see where you are winning. 

Honing in on those specific bets will help you to find out exactly what it is you’re good at and exploit it to maximum effect!

4. Bet within your means

It almost goes without saying but we like to be thorough. Betting within your means is extremely important. Sports betting should only be fun and never become a point of concern.

The first step is to give yourself a bankroll. A bankroll is a fixed amount of money you have to bet with. It can either be on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Having a bankroll allows you to make sure you don’t spend all your available betting money on one bet! It also lets you pinpoint which bets you think will have a better chance of winning so you can maximize your winnings.

5. Consistency is key!

Try to think about the bigger picture. It’s not just about winning one bet here and there. To really get that winning edge you want to be thinking long term.

Finding out what works for you with a strong background of informed betting over a longer period is the best way to find your winning edge within the betting world. is home to a global community of sports betting enthusiasts who are passionate about everything from the sports themselves to finding the next best welcome bonus. can help you learn about the very basics of sports betting and showing you where the best places on the net are to bet.