Football betting: The basics


Football betting is a great way to improve the football experience as well as make some money along the way. Some people play as pros whilst most actually play for fun as football enthusiasts. There is a special feeling in betting on an event and watching it unravels in front of your eyes so it can be a great addition to the football lovers. Within this article, we are going to cover some basics of football betting.

Football Accumulators and Singles

Singles are when you play on one event such as for example, Barcelona vs. Napoli in the Champions League. Singles are great but then there are also accumulators. The accumulators, as the name suggests, are bets that include from two to as many as you want events. They are harder to win but provide much higher winnings because the odds accumulate.

Usually, newbies like to bet in online casino accumulators because they can earn a lot on small wagers. But this can be tricky too. Let’s say that you put £20 on three singles and that two of them are successful and that all have an odd of approximately 2.0. So, you would get £80 for the initial £60 investment. If you were to put £60 on the accumulator of the three matches, you would potentially win £360 which is much more than your potential winnings of £120 for singles but still, the odds of winning are higher when you play singles.

That being said, don’t discard accumulators, they are not bad. In fact, they can be brilliant. Just play the field and see what suits you. But don’t play 10 games in an accumulator. Start with two to four games.

The mobile era in football betting
The mobile era in football betting

Picking the best operator

Another important step is finding a good bookie. You’ll notice the plethora of online and offline bookies and carefully do your research on which ones provide the best odds, features, and bonuses for you to benefit from.

Think in terms of factors and statistics

Statistics is the most important factor in football so try to analyse it. Good bets are based on numbers too and not just on the gut feeling. So, think about the team’s chemistry, injured players, new coach or new members, their current form, what could cause a change in the form starting today and so on. Over time, you’ll notice that things are becoming much clearer.

Money Management

Another important aspect of football betting as with all gambling is money management. Make your monthly or weekly budget and never cross it no matter what happens. Even if you think you’ll win millions, don’t cross your budget. Discipline is the key to success in life.

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Football is driven by money from betting
Football is driven by money from betting