How to bet on women’s soccer


In recent times, women’s soccer has started to grow enormously in many parts of the world. The level of the teams and players has been rising and this has resulted in greater support from the media and also from sponsors. 

As the importance of women’s soccer has grown, so has the importance of women’s soccer in the world of sports betting. More and more matches and markets are being offered in the sports betting section of bookmakers. A clear example of this can be seen at 22bet online, the famous online betting site that sometimes offers special promotions on certain events. 

Are men’s and women’s soccer very different? 

Not too much. The playing fields and rules are the same and that’s fine. Also, the same tournaments are played, such as the Champions League and the World Cup among others. However, some differences exist and it is important to know them.

First of all, the difference in salaries between men’s and women’s soccer is very big and this is mainly due to the fact that the teams still allocate little budget for the players’ squads. The same happens with tournament sponsors, which do not contribute the same amount of money in both sports disciplines. 

Another important difference is the amount of goals scored in the matchs. Women’s soccer is much richer in goals, which makes it quite attractive today. It should not be forgotten that goals are the most important thing in this sport. Strategies are not as tight as they are with men and defensive mistakes are more frequent and this is seen in the results of the games.

Barcelona women winning the Champions League
Barcelona women winning the Champions League

How to choose a bookmaker to bet on women’s soccer? 

To start with, the most important thing is to choose a bookmaker with a good offer of matches and tournaments, since the market is becoming more and more crowded and it is very interesting to have the chance to place your bets on events available in various countries of the world. This means that the bookmaker must have a large number and variety of events to be able to bet on them, as in the case of 22bet Deutschland

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of watching the matches in streaming. Many matches of European or world tournaments are broadcasted on television but most of them can only be watched through streaming platforms. 

Watching the matches greatly increases the chances of winning a bet, since the fact of being able to watch the matches makes the bets more accurate and you can enjoy the experience much better. 

Finally, it is very important to analyze the value of the betting odds. A bookmaker that offers competitive odds is usually the best option, since the higher the odds, the more money we can win if we get our bet right. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze which is the option that best suits you.

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USA wins the the Women FIFA World Cup
USA wins the the Women FIFA World Cup